About The Ponder Store

We are a pair of science-loving, book-loving nerds and we like making a statement or just having science-sy fun with the tees we wear. Let us share our fun designs with you!

Each concept and design is created with thought, passion and care to produce the best piece to the best of our abilities. We focus on tees but you may find some other printed merchandise on the shop.

We bring you high-quality t-shirts, hoodies and mugs for you to ponder and admire. We are a print-on-demand partnership. Therefore, we are able to supply our products all over the world and at great prices. We work with production partners based in California, USA & Riga, Latvia.

Thanks for stopping by Ponder Tees! If you have any comments or questions, please contact us without hesitation.

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About The Ponder Partners

panda ponder tees

Dwayne Davies

Dwayne is a writer and partner in Ponder Tees. He does most of the writing and technical parts of the Metaphysics of Physics podcast. His main interests are philosophy, writing,  literary fiction, physics, mathematics, computer science, biology and history.

panda ponder tees

Ashna Sharan

Ashna is also a writer and creator of other works of art and crafts.  As well as, of course, a partner in Ponder Tees. She does the narration and editing for the Metaphysics of Physics podcasts. Her main interests are philosophy, writing, literary art, physics, mathematics, arts and crafts.

panda ponder tees

Ponder Panda

He is just like us, a curious ponderer! But his main job is to look cute and cuddly!